Three Common Reasons For Circuit Breaker Noises

Circuit breaker noises can either be normal or abnormal. It pays to know the difference between the two; it can mean the difference between a serious electrical hazard and your household's safety. Here are some tips for diagnosing these noises: How Loud Is the Noise? This is one of the premier factors that determine the nature or origin of the noise. First, you should know that all electrical panels emit some level of noise even when they are operating optimally.

Three Dangerous Habits For Electrical Fuses

If your home uses a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker, you need to know how to handle it so that it doesn't become a fire hazard. For example, you need to avoid these three common but dangerous habits: Overloading A Circuit Any circuit has a maximum electrical load it can handle; exceeding that load causes the fuse to blow. Remember that an overblown fuse cannot be reset; you have to replace it.

Home Theater Installation Faqs

A home theater can turn your home into the gathering spot for your kids and their friends. Before you become the cool parent on the block though, you need to correctly install the system. Here are some questions you should ask before the installation to guarantee your theater system is setup correctly.   Is There Enough Room?  Sometimes, the desire for a home theater system is bigger than the space that is available for it.

Remodeling Your Kitchen In An Older Home? You Likely Need An Electrician Experienced In Remodel Wiring

When you're thinking of remodeling your older home's kitchen, you're likely dreaming about increased counter space, modern appliances, or a central island; many homeowners fail to account for the extensive rewiring required whenever a kitchen is updated. Power requirements for appliances may change, outlets may need to be installed, and your circuit breaker may need to be upgraded. Hiring an experienced electrician to aid you in the process allows you to concentrate fully on selecting your appliances, countertops, and cabinets without worrying about what goes on behind the walls.

3 Signs You Need to Have Your Home's Generator Inspected

Having a generator for your home is a great benefit. You can use your generator in the event of a power outage so you can cook, cool or heat your home, or even use medical equipment that requires electricity. If your generator isn't operating as it should, you should contact your electrician to see what is at fault. Here are three signs you should have your generator professionally inspected. Uneven energy flow