Buying An Older Home? 3 Reasons To Replace The Electrical Panel

If you are buying an older home, there are many things you should inspect before you move in. One of these things is the electrical wiring. You never know how old the wiring is or what kind of condition it is in. This includes the electrical panel. There are many reasons why the electrical panel should be replaced, three of which are listed below.

Problems With Wiring

There is a lot of wiring inside an electrical panel that you do not see. Because of this, there is no way to tell if the wiring is in good condition or if it is old. Hire an electrician to help you with this. The electrical contractor can remove the electrical panel and inspect the wiring behind it. If the electrician finds that a lot of the wiring is old, damaged, or just looks worn-out, they will tell you to have the electrical panel replaced. It is much easier to replace the entire panel than to pick and choose through the wiring the electrician thinks should be replaced.

This is important as bad wiring can lead to electrical fires in your home. This type of fire can easily spread through all the wiring in your home.

Bad Circuit Breakers

The main part of an electrical panel is the circuit breakers. If you open the panel, you will see these breakers. Each breaker provides power to certain areas of your home. The breakers in your electrical panel should be labeled as to what the breakers provide power to. For example, one breaker may say "kitchen" while another may say "clothes dryer."

These breakers can go bad over time. They may not go out completely. Instead, the circuit breakers may trip, which means they turn off periodically. The breakers may turn off, and you won't be able to turn them back on again. If the electrician finds only one or two circuit breakers are bad, they may replace these only. If there are a few or all breakers that are bad or in bad condition, the electrician will suggest you have the electrical panel replaced. 

Not Enough Power

Because you are buying an older home, the current circuit breakers may not provide enough power to you. For example, you likely have many more appliances and devices that require more power to run than a home had years ago. The circuit breakers may not have enough voltage amps to supply the needed power. If this is the case, what you are powering will not work at all or it will not work correctly. 

The electrician can determine the voltage that you need for your home and then determine the voltage of your circuit breakers. They can replace individual circuit breakers that have more voltage, but it can be beneficial to just replace the electrical panel. This is because your power needs may change more in the future.

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