What Causes Lights To Flicker In A Home?

Have you noticed that the lights in your home flicker? If so, it is likely an annoying experience. You may be wondering what is causing the phenomenon. Perhaps you have even noticed a trend of when it occurs. There are numerous reasons that this type of electrical nuisance can occur. The following points will help you understand what some of them are.


It is possible that the issue is related to the light switch that is being used to ignite the lightbulb. The age of your lightbulbs may also cause this phenomenon. Older bulbs may flicker, indicating that it will be time to replace them soon. If you have spare bulbs on-hand, you could try putting one in to see if it corrects the issue. The fixture that the bulb is in could also be the issue. It may need to be repaired. Sometimes the issue is as simple as the bulb not being securely screwed into the fixture. 


Connection issues can occur in areas of your electrical system besides the light switches. Sometimes they occur deep within the electrical system, which means a professional will need to determine where the problem is located. If it is a connectivity issue, it needs to be addressed as an emergency. This is because this type of issue could cause an electrical fire. An electrical fire can spread quickly and go undetected initially due to it occurring behind walls and in ceilings. 

Electrical Provider

Sometimes flickering lights are not related to issues within homes. The issue may lie on the service provider of the electricity services. If this is the case, others living in close vicinity to you will likely be experiencing the same phenomenon. Contact your service provider, and encourage your neighbors to do the same. If the company receives more than one complaint from the same area, they are likely to take a closer look at the situation to determine what is causing it to occur. Otherwise, they may feel as though it is only affecting one customer.


You may have noticed that your lights flicker when certain appliances are in use. The appliance may be faulty or too robust for your electrical system. It may also be due fluctuation in voltage when the appliances are turned on. Another possible reason for flickering lights is using too many appliances at once. 

An electrician is a good resource to use to determine the exact reason your lights flicker. Electrical repairs may be needed to correct the issues, and they are equipped to complete any necessary repairs or upgrades to your electrical system.

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