Fixing Residential Electrical Issues So You Can Get A Certificate Of Occupancy

If the electrical system in a property you have purchased isn't up to code a certificate of occupancy will not be issued. What this means is that no one will be able to occupy your new property until you get an electrical contractor to sign off on all repairs. Homes with chronic electrical problems may not even be safe for you or other types of contractors to enter until the repairs are complete. Here's a simple explanation of how you can have your property cleared and gain your certificate of occupancy after severe residential electrical issues are found.

What Kinds of Electrical Issues Can Prevent You From Occupying a Home?

If your home electrical system has any code violations no certificate of occupancy will be given. It is usually wiring issues that cause code violations, but if there is an issue with the circuit breaker or if the electricity doesn't work at all then the city won't give you permission to take physical possession. When a home is sold the seller has to disclose whether or not a certificate of occupancy has been issued.

Sometimes certificates of occupancy are only temporary, so another home inspection will take place before a permanent permit will be given. While any code violations located after you have taken possession of your home may fall under the seller's responsibility, you should be able to receive funding to hire an electrical contractor.

What Needs to Be Fixed If Your Home Has Electrical Wiring Issues?

The wiring in your house could be faulty or so old that a city inspector does not believe that it can be used by an occupant safely. Residential wiring systems need to be updated every so often so that they are compatible with newer appliances, HVAC systems, outlets, and light fixtures. Homes that have been renovated without proper construction permits being issues often have electrical issues later if an electrical contractor has not looked at the wiring. In short, a home can still be issued a certificate of occupancy if the residential wiring works without fault.

Getting an Inspection of Your Residential Electrical System Post Repair

A licensed electrician needs to certify that your residential electrical system no longer has any safety problems that pose a risk of fire or electrocution. Although your electrical system may be repaired in hours you will need to schedule an inspection with the city. The final inspection will be performed by a city worker and if your residential electrical wiring checks out, a certificate of occupancy will be issued fast.

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