Tips To Choosing The Perfect Equipment For An Above Ground Custom Pool Design

If you want to install a custom pool for your home, you may want to consider an above ground pool option. Above ground pools will give you benefits such as cost savings, easy removal and affordable repairs. When you plan for an above ground custom pool, choosing the right pool equipment is important. Here are some of the equipment options that you will want to consider for an above ground custom pool:

1. Choosing the Right Filtration Solution for Your Pool

There are many different types of filtration systems that you can install in your custom pool project. The most affordable is a cartridge filter, but it also filters water the least. Sand filters are a great option and remove small particles from the water. DE filters are a little costlier than sand filters, but they remove smaller particles. If your pool design has all corrosive-resistant materials, salt filters are a good option. You do not want to use salt filtration if your pool has metal components included in the design.

2. Using Reliable Pumps for Custom Pool Designs

In addition to a good filtration system, it will need to have a reliable pump. Instead of the conventional above ground pool pump. You will want to look for a pump that has sturdier construction for a more permanent installation. In addition, you may want to consider a pump that has a little more power to ensure the water is circulating well when the pump is on. It is a good idea to build a covered enclosure for the pool pump and other equipment that you want to be protected.             

3. Hard Plumbing, Electrical Wiring, Skimmers and Water Features to Keep Water Clean

Many above ground pools have pipes that are flexible tubing. If you are doing a custom pool design, you will want to use a hard plumbing system that is professionally installed and going to last. In addition, consider using better skimmers and adding filtration. Doing these things will help to keep the water clean and reduce the maintenance needs of your new custom pool. Water features help to keep the water flowing and prevent insects from laying larvae in the pool. In addition, have an electrician wire your pool equipment for a more professional installation without extension cords and other unsightly problems.

These are some of the equipment options that you will want to consider for an above ground custom pool project. Contact a local electrician to help with the installation of your pool pump and the wiring of any other features you add to your pool area. For more information, contact a business such as Sequim Valley Electric