New Nurseries: Electrical Upgrades to Keep the Baby and Parents Happy

Decorating a new nursery is like working with a blank canvas. For parents to be, there is so much that comes with these nurseries, but before the crib is built and the walls are painted, it's a good idea to consider some of the electrical upgrades that you may want or need for the room. Hiring a licensed electrician to complete these upgrades early in the process can make it easier to plan decorations and other room additions. By the time the new baby arrives, you will have a room set up to fit their needs and also create a cozy experience for you and your partner. Check out the following upgrades and see how they can be effectively used to create a practical baby nursery.

High-Positioned Outlets

A lot of bedroom outlets are positioned low to the ground. As a baby starts to crawl and walk, these outlets can create hazards and dangers like electrical shocks. When planning outlet locations in a nursery, high-positioned outlets are typically the best area. Outlets that are installed can be placed at least four feet up the wall to keep it out of the child's reach for a long time. The outlets can also be installed with built-in childproofing features like spring-loaded outlet covers. The high-positioned outlets can also make it easier to plug in items that will sit on top of dressers. This includes lamps or sound machines. The cords will not have to dangle down and hang freely to create hazards.

Hardwired Smoke and CO Detectors

Another important safety element that can be added to a child's nursery are smoke and CO detectors. These devices can be installed in the room or on a wall near the outside of the room. Dealing with battery-powered detectors can be a hassle, as your hectic life with a new baby may cause you to forget to check the batteries and replace them properly. An electrician can install hardwired smoke and CO detectors that provide continuous power from your home's electricity. The detectors will also include a back-up battery that can be accessed in case of a power outage. The use of a hardwired detector can also eliminate the constant beeping and sounds that come with low-battery indicators on the wireless detectors. This will allow your baby to sleep and relax without disruption.

Underfloor Heating

Add some extra comfort and warmth to the nursery by hiring a licensed electrician to install radiant heating panels inside of the nursery. The electric panels provide heat that rises up through various types of flooring, including both wood and carpets. Whether the baby is wiggling on the floor, learning to crawl, or having their clothes changed, everything can be done in comfort with a heated floor. During the cold months, the warmth of the room can provide great comfort as the child uses the room more. It also makes it more comfortable for parents that have to go to the room in the middle of the night. Walking on bare feet is a lot more comfortable when the floor is heated and the warmth is extended throughout the room.

Light Dimmer Switches

Keeping a baby as comfortable as possible is often a priority when creating a nursery. Bright and powerful lights can easily shock a baby and make it uncomfortable for them to wake up or go to sleep. Make both morning and night routines a lot more comfortable with the use of light dimmer switches. These switches can be installed right on the inside door of the nursery so you have easy access while entering the room. The dimmer switch allows you to set an ideal brightness level for the room and adjust it as needed. For example, if the baby needs a feeding in the middle of the night, you can create a low-light setting that allows you to navigate the room while still providing enough darkness for the baby to relax and go back to sleep.

By planning out your nursery as much as possible, you can make it a lot easier to get the electrical upgrades that you need. Find an electrician near you by visiting sites such as